Experience Highlights

Broader CG Freelance

London UK  
Jan 2021 - Current
3D Artist & Art Director

I've been freelance since 2021, working for a range of clients and a number of projects, such as...

Frontier - Planet Zoo, F1
Preloaded - Superbloom, Zog, Meta, Sky Glass
Swerve Games - Twin Jet Racer
Geko Animation

Bossa Studios 

London UK 

Aug 2012- Jan 2021 

Head of Art
Lead Artist
Senior Artist 

Creating the BAFTA-nominated multi-million-selling viral sensation that is Surgeon Simulator 2013, with Tom Jackson, Luke, and Jack Good, is one of the biggest highlights of my time at bossa and career to date.

The creative freedom we were given to take our 48-hour Global game jam (prototype) and turn it into a full game in under 3 Months was intense and challenging but incredibly rewarding.

Surgeon Simulator played a key part in the company's success It helped shape my career development and growth within the company from Senior Artist to Head of Art.

Backstage Pass Guest House Games

Hyderabad India
May 2010 - Nov 2010
Co-Founder (Guest House Games)
Art Director
Senior Mentor

Backstage Pass & Guest House Games was a start-up with the vision of marrying a college, with a games development studio.
Backstage pass would teach the different areas of game development, and Guest House Games would create new games for the Indian & global gaming market.
Experienced developers from Guest House Games would allocate time to teach & mentor the students enrolled in Backstage Pass, giving the students access to up-to-date knowledge and skills required for the games industry.
Teaching, creating curriculums, and enrolling students were all new experiences I need to learn and learn pretty quickly I was definitely flying by the seat of my pants at times.
The endeavour faced many challenges, most notably signing up enough students for the venture, whilst we tried many of the options available to us to bring in more students, time and finances weren't on our side.


Hyderbad India
Jun 2009 - Apr 2010
Art Director (Contract)

I oversaw the visual quality of many of the projects which were in production covering many platforms such as Wii, PS2 PSP and iPhone.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

London UK
Dec 2001 - Sep 2008
Lead Character Artist
Senior Character Artist
Junior Character Artist

I definitely felt honoured that my first job in the industry was with Sony Playstation. I worked on a number of Sony's This Is Football & World Tour Soccer Titles, growing from Junior Character Artist to Lead Character Artist.  Whilst I've never been a fan of football, being able to be a 3D artist at Sony PlayStation and do what I love more than made up for my lack of knowledge about football. As Sony decided not to develop an in-house football title for the PS3, I was selected to join a prototype team

My proudest work was modelling & texturing the adorable creature for the game Eye Pet.